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Save half of your budget.

Save half of your time.

Get a PEMT with a human touch.

PEMT (post-editing machine translation)

The post-editing machine translation process solves the dilemma of needing a high quality- humanized translation in record time with cost advantage well.

Let us tell you more about this smart solution.

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What is post-editing machine translation?

It is the engine translation that has been edited by human translators to keep fluency and coherence of contexts and reform any grammatical or spelling errors and maintain text consistency.


our post-editing machine translation process

  • Choosing the optimal translation engine for your project.
  • Defining project-specific strategy.
  • Checking grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Checking tone and consistency.
  • Checking the terminology and numbers.
  • Proofreading and final review.

Services of PEMT

  • Post-editing translation from a specific engine for your project.
  • Post-editing translation to our engines’ output.
  • Post-editing translation for your un-processed machine translation
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