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Looking for an Outstanding translation company in Egypt?!!
Menalocalize is here.

When you think about translation into Arabic and vice versa, you imagine what is the process that can produce unrivaled quality.
Let us tell you about the secret mixture of our Quality
➢ Strict Management system
➢ Native speakers
➢ SMEs translators and reviewers
➢ long – term experienced proofreaders
➢ Versed DTP specialists
So we can offer you a highly-rich translation quality that meets linguistics aspirations in all translation fields.

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Technical translation

In this complex field of translation, we must hand-select our technical translators.
Complex terminology in technical translation needs our specialized translators, they ensure of full understanding of context to get the key to providing the premium quality you seek.
They dive into a deep search not only for this full understand but also to get the most up-to-date terminology and practices in your field.

Technical Translator

Legal translation

When we come to legal translation, you need a trusted partner, when there’re many choices to get your translated legal documents only the choice that you can depend on his credibility.
Menalocalize team handled many projects of legal translation from Arabic to English and vice versa and many other languages also, that means our team has an exceptional knowledge of regulations and state laws in source- language country and for target- language country also.
Even a contract translation, court documents, agreements…etc.
We know how it such critical translation, so our specialized, highly experienced team cares about every document to offer the most rigorous contexts.

Legal Translator

Financial translation

Tricky terminology that any misunderstanding or mistranslation in it can make financial catastrophic implications. Guess what? That is the financial translation.
Financial Arabic to English translation or vice versa is a wide translation market and critical field also.
In this field, our financial translators have found their stature thanks to their expertise and hunted the trust of many brands around the world.
Now we will be glad to get more happy clients.

financial translators

Marketing translation

One word = many leads
This equation is a simple expression of the huge importance of perceptive marketing translation.
Of course, you need this kind of translation fraught of marketing assets to reach your target audience then the right client.
Your marketplace, social media content, blogs viral content …etc.

whatever we
have exceptional copywriters with an in-deep digital marketing knowledge will add your content out of the crowd.

financial translators

Life science translation

It’s a matter of lives
It’s a medical translation
Nothing is more worthy than a human life so every translator, reviewer, and proofreader in Menalocalize team has a medical or scientific background that qualifies us to cover all medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific niches.
Also all kinds of documents
● medical reports
● drugs pamphlets
● clinical trials documents
● medical texts and books
● informed consent forms
● medical research
● medical brochures and websites
● Scientific researches and articles
All these documents are covered a high-privacy secured system

financial translators

Hospitality and travel translation

In a tourist country like Egypt, we can’t ignore such a niche of translation,
Not just in Egypt but over the world hospitality and travel translation becomes a vital field of translation.
If you are searching for a translation company in Egypt that offers hospitality translation services you will find many preferences but you must ensure that the company team has a well- knowledge of cultural differences and all other nuances between source and target languages.
Thanks to handling many huge projects, our team members can cater to our clients’ needs in this field and all kinds of contexts.
❖ Travel articles
❖ Guide box
❖ Promotional offers
❖ Advertising campaigns
❖ Restaurant menus
❖ Tourist brochures
❖ Directions and guide boxes

financial translators

Questionnaire and survey translation

Adhering to the native slang and terminology of your questionnaire’s audience is not enough, there are many precautions our dedicated team care about during our regulated translation process, in Arabic to English translation or any our language pairs
Many guidance rules we follow like tone, target audience, taking precise and obvious words and phrases….etc.
Using the best practice of the TRAPD method we can deliver the best quality of questionnaire and survey translation.

hospitality translator