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About Us

Excel to access


We share excellence, promote access, we are the solutions and communication line.

We are a leading translation company in Egypt, we are MENA localize.

Since we have started in 2007, we resolved to be the link between the MENA region and the world.

When finding out that we are spreading continuously we realized that it is our responsibility to offer the best of the best.

After +14 years, we are still merging our long- forked experience with the newest-in class practices and vibes.


Go Global through our trusted Mission and Vision



Hold on!!!!

We don’t have one mission

We have many

  • Expand your business and access new markets
  • Xceed your expectations and maintain your clients
  • Cutting edge solutions ensuring a win-win situation
  • Economic and Competitive prices in LSP markets
  • Language bridges with all-inclusive linguistic services

Also, we don’t have just one vision we have many.

  • Our WORD is to deliver top-notch quality
  • You EXCEL with us discovering the difference
  • You ACCESS new markets in MENA Region
  • The POINT has a POWER, much less the word
  • Our OUTLOOK is common, foreseeing trends


CEO message

Mr.Mostafa A.Hafiez


Dear Client,


Being a translator, localizer or interpreter is not just to be a qualified bilingual. However, huge background, wide experience, and deep knowledge of both the source and target languages is the very thing that matters.

In MENA Localize, our team is due diligent to this notion and even we consider this as a prerequisite that must be fulfilled in the first place.

As it is widely known, Arabic, being the wide official language spoken in the MENA region and the Gulf states, requires a deep understanding of the linguistics varieties: archaic, poetic, standard, eloquent, colloquial, vernacular lexicons with each betrays a specific semantic connotation; especially Arabic is one of the official languages in the United Nations (UN) and African Union (AU) organizations.

By considering such points, the client has an instinctive feeling of the naturalness and seamlessness of the target version delivered by our dedicated team without even noticing that it is a translated version at the end of the day.

We totally understand the top-notch brands we are cooperating with or delivering a linguistic service to. That is why the translation and localization process goes from one linguistic phase to another smoothly: translation, reviewing, editing, proofreading, and shooting a final eye on the translated output without prejudice to the agreed schedule and deadlines.

A happy client is our target and we believe that this can be easily recognized through exceeding their expectations.

In MENA Localize, we simply understand the values and ethics of our services and ensure that everything is more than OK.

Visit us and touch a unique linguistic service with MENA Localize to access MENA.

Best regards,

Mostafa A.Hafiez