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What is the Simultaneous interpretation?

the Simultaneous interpretation definition boils down as 

the simultaneous interpretation is the most common and complex kind of interpretation when the interpreter translates the speech immediately without changing the speech flow.


What is the relay interpretation?

Relay interpretation is called “indirect interpreting’ as the interpreter converts the speech from the source language to the target common language for other interpreters, they interpret it to many other languages or third target language.


What is Consecutive interpretation?

Consecutive interpretation techniques depend on interpreting the speech delivering one or 2 sentences per time the speaker usually pauses to let the interpreters convert the speech to the target language.

What is Liaison interpretation?

Liaison interpretation is to interpret to only one person or small group when no need for certain types of equipment.

What is Whisper interpretation?

Whisper interpretation is the interpretation when the interpreter listens to the speech then whispers the interpretation in the audience’s ear without any type of equipment.


What is travel interpretation?

Travel interpretation is the kind of interpretation in which the interpreter helps the tourist to communicate with country people and understand their culture

interpretation session