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Closed captioning subtitling (CC)

Open captioning subtitling (OC)

Subtitling for deaf and hard hearing (SDH)


Get a new way for your videos to access and spread, as we use the best subtitling services that reflect our deep nimbleness in all types of subtitling. We think that subtitling is the thread of full message access and enjoyment between your videos and your audience. So this thread must be onerous, obvious, and pleasant.

Among so many subtitling companies, the experience is the best proof.

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How we translate your videos?

organized steps are applied to your video to control the quality of subtitled videos and ensure following the client guidance.

– Transcription
– Spotting
– Translation
– Localization
– Reviewing
– Timing and formatting
– Real audience sample show

Then exceptional subtitling quality added to your video helps it to be viral media content.

What is Closed captioning subtitling (CC)?

The definition of Closed captioning subtitling (CC) is a kind of captioning that can be turned on or off, the text is enclosed in a black box.

What is Open captioning subtitling (OC)?

The definition of Open captioning subtitling (OC) is the kind of captioning that is burnt in the video and can’t be turned off, also free of enclosing.

What is Subtitling for deaf and hard hearing (SDH)?

The definition of SDH is subtitling that targets people who suffer from hearing impairments or deafness.
This kind contains expressions of the video in addition to the dialogue like
Screaming, knocking on the door ….etc.

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