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Sometimes just translation isn’t enough for going global Let your ambitions find a way to the world, come and find the best Localization services with MenaLoc.

To choose between translation and localization you must know the difference between them

so what is the difference between translation and localization?

The answer to this question is just like the difference between a person speaking to people by their language and another person talking to them by their language, culture, beliefs, and local ideas.

Imagine the reach of your texts?!!!

Our Other services



Game localization

Feeling every user from any region that the game has been made for him that is game localization, between all game localization companies we must have a feature that gives our service some preferences.
This feature has been our process which consists of
❖ Discovering and using game
❖ Ordinary translation
❖ Cultural modification
❖ Testing by real target users
This process consists of many sub-steps and is performed by native in-house specialized translators to lead your project to a successful launch.


Software localization

In our digital era,  softwares are part of our life, the elimination of geographical boundaries around the world makes it very difficult to do without software localization.
This ambiguous kind of localization needs a specialized seasoned translator to overcome the lack of context in strings in (UI) dealing with all programming languages.
A team of SMEs and engineers guarantee top-notch software translation using best-in-class software localization tools.


Website localization

Let’s fit your websites to new markets, website localization
– New chances
– A new expansion for your brand
– New growth in sales
As your website is your interface to the world of entrepreneurship,
You must depend on a well- experienced team to get a satisfying localization to reach your new clients without changing the main tone and mission of your brand.


Mobile apps localization

Expediting your APP localization means
– More downloads
– More engagement
– Better user experience
Menalocalize chooses mobile localizers according to many factors in your project
– The field of your app
– A native speaker of your project’s target language
– Perfectly acquainted with cultural aspects for the target language and target class.
We are proud to be one of the leading software localization companies in Mena