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Linguistic testing and QA

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Why do you need linguistic testing and QA?

Linguistic testing is a serious step in translation, localization, or any other kind of content production.
If you want an ideal appearance for your texts, flawless error-free content is a must.
Don’t forget the quality of your purview speaks about your brand quality and carries your brand voice and tone.
We in MENALOCALIZE have chosen the linguistic experts, copywriters, proofreaders, and senior translators to take over every step according to their experience and specialty.
They are using the most innovative sequences and most up-to-date digitalized tools.

Our testing process

  • Linguistic testing
    – checking the accuracy of translation:  by checking context and accuracy of every word usage, finding mistranslation or any missed paragraph.
    – checking consistency: for terminology and choosing the best similarities according to context and field.
    – proper date formatting: according to target language and regions
  •  cosmetic testing
    By checking the format of source and target files, proper image location, and ensure the right characters.
  •  functional testing
    This test is common for software and other digital content forms
    Here, we must check link validation, proper order working, excellent user experience, and full understanding of phrases.

All these steps come together to ensure unmatched quality output where is no space for mistakes, no space for poor access.


linguistic tester